EURO Working Group for Commodities and Financial Modelling

The EURO Working Group for Commodities and Financial Modelling was founded in September 1986 in Lisbon.

The primary field of interest for the Working Group can be described as "financial models that help to solve problems faced by financial decision makers in the firm, intermediaries and the investment community".

The main aims of the EWGCFM are:

  • providing an international forum for exchange of information and experience on financial modelling;
  • encouraging research in financial modelling (new techniques, methodologies, empirical studies, software, etc.);
  • stimulating and strengthening the interaction between financial economic theory and the practice of financial decision making;
  • cooperating and exchanging information with other universities and financial institutions throughout Europe.

It can be stated safely that the Working Group has become an established one. To give an idea: over 450 members, 48 international meetings organized all over the world, a Paris’ Award introduced in 2009 for young scholars and an own newsletter (NEWSFLOW) are some of the examples of the role played until now.


The meetings of the Working Group are organized twice a year, in April/May and in October/November. The organizer of the meeting is a member of the EWGCFM who offers to run the event in his/her local institutions. Earlier meetings were held in Belgium, Curaçao, Cyprus, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Norway, Austria and the United States. There are now members in 34 countries spread over 4 continents. The meetings are attended on average by 50-80 members, most of them scientists but also representatives from the financial institutions, and usually host some very well known scientist of the field. Each event is usually scheduled in the second part of the week, from Thursday until Saturday morning. The organizer is expected to schedule three types of sessions: a key note lecture given by an invited speaker(s); regular sessions with the presentation of refereed papers and balloon sessions in which unrefereed papers, new topics and "loose" ideas can be discussed; a round table session on a specific topic where participants from academia and from financial institutions are invited to share their main ideas.



NEWSFLOW, the newsletter of the Working Group is published twice a year, about one month before each meeting. It contains general information about the Working Group and the next meeting(s), letters from readers, announcements of financial seminars, calls for papers, a list of working papers, etc. For information about NEWSFLOW or for publication of your contributions please contact the editor: Daniela Pastres, address below.



For information about membership of the EURO Working Group on Financial Modelling, you may write to:
Daniela Pastres, Sapienza, University of Rome , Department of Economic and Social Analysis, Piazza Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Rome Italy +39.06.49690328, Fax: +39.06.4453870, , e-mail: daniela.pastres@uniroma1.it